Looking for Expert Turf Care? Turf Refurb Has You Covered!

Looking for Expert Turf Care? Turf Refurb Has You Covered!


When it comes to maintaining your artificial turf, choosing the right professional service is crucial. Cleaning artificial turf involves several important considerations, as improper cleaning can risk warranties, damage the turf or its base, and more. You’ve invested significantly in your turf, so it’s essential to entrust its care to the experts. The goal is to find the most suitable company for the job.

Understanding Turf Installation

Before we dive into turf cleaning, it’s helpful to understand turf installation basics. In short, the process involves grading the area, adding a quarter-minus layer, and nailing the turf on top. After installation, specific sand is added to the turf as per manufacturer guidelines. Power brooms and sweepers distribute this infill evenly and fluff up the turf, keeping grass blades upright. While the process is more intricate, this provides an overview.

Installers vs. Cleaners: The Difference Matters

Why is this knowledge important? Consider the investment you’ve made in your yard. The aim is to maintain its new look, odor-free freshness, and long-lasting durability. Professional cleaners primarily focus on surface cleaning, lacking in-depth knowledge of turf installation intricacies.

Do you want to entrust your investment to someone inexperienced in turf installation, lacking proper tools for comprehensive cleaning? Can they offer thorough service without knowing how infill works or identifying the type and volume of infill in your turf? On the other hand, installers may lack knowledge of odor removal, deep cleaning, or sand cleaning.

When hiring a professional turf cleaning service, it’s highly recommended to choose a company proficient in both installation and maintenance. Turf Refurb excels in the full spectrum of artificial turf services, ensuring the best care for your investment.

The Benefits of Hiring Trained Professionals for Your Turf Maintenance

Contrary to popular belief, artificial turf, akin to outdoor carpet, requires more intricate cleaning than regular carpets. Unless you’re professionally trained in installation, it’s not advisable to clean the turf yourself. Cleaning artificial grass involves specialized tools and techniques unfamiliar to most homeowners and cleaners. Factors such as turf types, infill, warranties, and more require expert attention. To protect your investment and ensure its long-term health and appearance, it’s best to hire experts well-versed in both installation and maintenance.

Explainer on Essential Cleaning Equipment: From Power Brooms to Advanced Cleaning Machines

Your artificial turf is a significant investment, and the quality of maintenance tools matters. Low-quality tools can damage your turf and reduce its lifespan. Power brooms, essential for artificial turf, use rotating bristles to distribute infill, fluff grass blades, and remove debris, maintaining an optimal appearance. While Install power brooms are intense, they’re unmatched for deeply embedded debris. Power brooms resembling lawnmowers might seem convenient but fall short for professional use. For a truly thorough clean, rely on professionals with professional-grade equipment.

Pressure Washers vs. Truck-Mounted Cleaning Systems

The choice of machinery is vital for deep-cleaning and rinsing artificial turf. Truck mounts, high-powered machines, excel over pressure washers. Turf cleaners who opt for pressure washers lack control over chemical ratios and spray patterns. Professional-grade truck mounts offer controllable spray patterns, heat settings, powerful vacuum capabilities, and specialized attachments. Trust the professionals with the right equipment for long-term turf health and appearance.

Infill in Artificial Grass

Understanding the installation process, especially infill addition, is crucial. Proper infill maintenance maintains turf integrity. Maintaining manufacturer-specified infill levels prevents issues. Trust a professional installer to measure and adjust infill accurately. Cleaning professionals may lack technical knowledge, risking your turf’s health.

Getting Rid of Odors and Chemistry

Professional cleaning experience is essential for odor removal. Unlike cleaners who use garden hoses or pressure washers, seasoned carpet cleaners employ high-powered machines for comprehensive cleaning. Ensure your turf cleaning service uses the right equipment for a fresh, odor-free result.

Spraying/Flushing Turf vs. Extractions for Odor Removal

Many companies claim to eliminate urine odors by spraying, but true odor removal requires extraction. Turf Refurb goes beyond spraying to fully extract and eliminate urine, ensuring a hygienic, fresh turf. Additionally, turf maintenance involves addressing issues like black mold, fungus, and mildew to protect your turf and the environment.

Trust your turf to Turf Refurb, where professionals understand every aspect of turf care, ensuring its longevity and optimal appearance.

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