Patio Potty Cleaning Service

How the patio Potty Helps You And Your Pup!


No more late-night or early-morning walks in bad weather. A patio potty provides a convenient solution right at your doorstep.


Many patio potties are made from sustainable materials and use eco-friendly methods for waste disposal.


Keep your yard clean and odor-free. Patio potties are designed to be easy to clean, ensuring a hygienic environment for your dog.

Training Made Easy

Training your dog to use a patio potty can be simpler than housebreaking. We'll share tips to make the transition smooth.

Patio Puppy Potty

$129.99 Starter Kit
(Includes: K9 Grass and Box, Disposal Bags, Gloves and Deodorizer)

Weekly Cleaning Service

$29.99 Per Week
Waste Removal, Box Sanitization, Turf Xchange, Deodorizer Added

Auto Grass Replacements

$39.99 shipping included
We’ll ship a new Artificial Grass Pad to your door Every 3-Months

Weekly Service Process

Regularly remove solid waste during the week
On your service day place your potty outside your front door
Your tech will clean, sanitize and replace grass pad with a new one
when you return home put your patio potty back on balconly No apartment access needed.

Auto Replacement of Grass

You pick the frequency 3-months is popular

Simply set your potty grass in a trash bag outside of your door it'll be replaced with a new one

Put new one in bin

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