Turf Maintenance


The ultimate solution for pet odor removal and clean artificial grass! Say goodbye to those stubborn odors that have been plaguing your lawn and hello to a fresh and inviting outdoor space. 

Starts at $299.99 for up to (500 sq. ft.) Per Quarter

Experience our professional pet odor removal, cleaning, small repair, and infill replacement services. Let us help you enjoy a fresh and vibrant outdoor space all year round.

Starts at $349.99 (500sq.ft.) Per Quarter

What TurfCare plan is best for you?

Got Smelly Turf?  It is important to note that cleaning your turf should be done properly, using pet-safe and environmentally-friendly products. Harsh chemicals can be harmful to your pets and the surrounding ecosystem. Consulting with professionals who specialize in turf cleaning is recommended to ensure the job is done effectively and safely.  If you have high traffic turf or more than one pet you should use the detailer+ plan each quarter.

You don’t clean your carpet once a year… your turf is no different.

Find the TurfClean Plan that fits your needs.

If you have pets, chances are you have smelly spots on your turf.  TurfClean is the perfect maintenance service to help remove pesky pet odor and clean your turf.  No pets? No problem! Over time, turf fibers start to flatten due to foot traffic and weather.  A TurfBloom service helps decompact the infill in your turf, gives the fibers a deep brushing, and brings back lushness to your artificial lawn.  If your turf is older or experiences heavy foot traffic, then you probably need our TurfBloom+ service where we add up to 5 bags of premium infill into your lawn, giving your blades support to stand up straight.


On-Demand Service



Quarterly Service (most popular)



Monthly Service 




Turf Blade Inspection

Infill Inspection

Overall Turf Life

Small Repair (tucking, nails, low spots and edges)

Weed & Debris Removal


Power Wash/Clean

Treatment and Extraction

Hand Cleaning and Brush

Add ZeoFill Deodorizer

Add Infill (per manufacturer)

Apply Pet Urine Odor and Bacteria Eliminator

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